GPS*blink* *blink* Ag please Santa, can’t I get a GPS for Christmas…

…because I bloody well need one!!!

Seriously though, the more I age, the easier I get lost. Tuesday evening saw me head off to scope out Anime Mark’s new pad in Somerset West (and trade some anime/music/movies in the process), so come 16:30 and I was out of the door, in my car and starting the ignition, portable hard drive and at least three maps to his place lying scattered next to me.

Off I gunned, pleased that I got away on time and pleased that it seemed particularly easy to reach his new locale thanks to my superb map reading skills. Confident that the journey shouldn’t take me more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete, I happily eased my foot of the accelerator and began whistling to whatever tune 5FM decided to throw at me.

Of course, this complete nonchalance should by now tell you that something was about to go wrong, and in fact, it was the first signs of entry into the Stellenbosch Winelands that set my Spider-sense tingling.

Looking more and more dazed and confused with each passing signpost, I furiously scanned the street names for the street I was supposed to locate, breaking out into oily beads of sweat when I realised that something was horribly wrong here.

I pulled off the road, immediately jabbed (while simultaneously swearing) at the radio to turn it off so that I could concentrate, and yanked the map book out in front of me. Aw bloody hell. I know I’m no boy scout, but even I don’t need their paltry little skills to know that being on a completely different page from where I want to be is not a good thing and generally a good indication of being lost – again.

So carefully retracing my steps, I snaked my way back in the general direction of where I needed to go, with only two map-check stops in between. As it turns out, Helderrand (the suburb in which Mark now stays) is absolutely stunning in that it is this giant shaded, laid back kind of suburb that reminds one a lot of the older Southern Suburbs areas and the little complex in which he is based fits in and matches with the surroundings perfectly.

Very nice Mr Matthews, very nice.

Anyway, so my 10 to 15 minute trip took me 45 minutes to complete in the end, but at least I got to see a little more of Somerset West than what I probably ever will see, so not all is lost I suppose. Thankfully Mark didn’t seem all that perturbed by my tardiness and we got straight down to the important business of raping one another’s portable hard drives.

So in the end, all’s well that ends well. I got my anime, Mark got his requests and I now know where he stays (a fair trade when you consider he already knows where I live). Of course, that said, I somehow doubt I’ll ever be able to find that place again without a little assistance. (hint, hint).

So please if you are reading this Santa, can’t I get a GPS for Christmas? Pretty, pretty please? *blink* *blink*


Oh, and I can thank my lucky star that Mark did indeed have what I want. And yes, to those of you in the know, that last sentence is indeed a pun. Ask Mark if you want to know why it’s meant to be funny… [Hint: click here]