Making MoneyWow, I’ve got to have the bestest-estest girlfriend in the whole wide world. Having just completed my longest book-reading streak in years, having wolfed down and devoured Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky AND Wintersmith in the matter of a week or two, I was beginning to wonder what’s next, when reaching into my bedside drawer my hand chanced upon a paper-wrapped item.

Knowing that I had not placed said item into the drawer, I slowly extracted the package which when hitting the light, revealed itself to be a shiny silver wrapped package bearing the distinct logo of none other than Exclusive Books. Excitedly ripping the poor paper to shreds, I triumphantly pulled a shining copy of Terry Pratchett’s latest book, Making Money out of its confines, held it aloft and then proceeded to devour the hapless Chantelle beside me with kisses.

Needless to say honey, thank you very much for my gift!

(And I think by my reaction that she has now learned that giving me a flannel shirt just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry about that.)

As it was, this particularly gift surprise was well timed on her behalf, because I had already decided to take her out for supper to La Romantica in Somerset West that evening, meaning that I could use the occasion to in turn say thank you for my new book – sneaky I know!

Of course, our dinner plans had to take the backseat because this was Thursday and as all men know, Thursdays are now stay at home nights seeing as Strictly Come Dancing is finally back on the airwaves. However, I managed to pry her away from the television after the first show had ended at 20:30 and off we buggered to the restaurant.

Now I hadn’t been to La Romantica in Somerset West myself before, but I had heard good things about it, and after seeing it for myself, I can’t help but concur with the people that say those things. The restaurant is wonderful: beautifully decorated in a homely style that really makes you feel comfortable and at ease, spaciously laid out and excellent service from the waiters makes for a truly great experience.

And to top it all off, their food is damn good too! (Though really I should pick something a little less bland than chicken schnitzel the next time we go – thank goodness Chantelle doesn’t watch her plate of food all that closely! :D)