Nuts. On Friday Bart the Baboon was finally captured, putting to an end an entire week’s worth of entertainment on the University of Cape Town upper campus.

Most likely from the Tokai baboon troop, the rogue baboon had decided that UCT seemed the nicest spot to grab a good meal and have some fun, much to the amusement of students, consternation of Campus Protection Security staffers and general horror of SuperCare cleaning services as he seemed particularly fond of chasing the cleaning ladies and throwing out all of the bins.

He also once again managed to highlight the fact that the Science faculties are far less privileged than the Commerce ones, simply by choosing to spend the majority of his time here around our lovely Leslie Commerce and Leslie Social Science buildings. :)

In any event, the clever bugger managed to evade capture for nearly a week, before wildlife veterinarian Hamish Currie finally tagged him with sedative dart on Friday morning, thereby ending this particular visiting professor’s foray into the UCT academic world.

Of course, the story was big enough for most newspapers to send out at least a junior photographer on the case, and UCT’s lensman seems to have gotten a pretty decent shot or two…


…and even Luigi proved himself an able photographer…




…but me. All I could do was once again prove that I suck behind the camera lens:


Pathetic, I know :)

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