AmehloOoh, we have a great wine mystery on our hands here at 45 Nagua Bay. Now we aren’t particularly heavy drinkers, only really enjoying a glass of wine or two with our meals every now and then, but the other evening I decided to crack open the bottle of red I had earlier spied in our wine rack that looked like it might be getting a little old. The vintage reads 2003 and Chantelle assured me it would probably taste like vinegar already, so I was eager to get it out of the way so that I can stock up on new stuff.

(Being not particularly fussy or choosy or even particular when it comes to wine, I tend to buy something of everything, almost never buying the same wine twice. Much to the annoyance of Chantelle of course, who just happens to be a little bit more sophisticated when it comes to things like this. To me there is white wine and there is red wine, finished and klaar. Don’t bother me with questions about Merlot or Pinotage – if it is wet I’ll drink it!)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

So this wine looked very unfamiliar as I pulled it off the rack. Amehlo 2003. Nope, don’t recognise it.

But man, once we cracked that bottle open we were hooked. What a beautiful tasting wine this Amehlo is! Easy on the palette with a smooth finish and an excellent after taste, we couldn’t stop gushing about just how good it was. (Oh, and to make the deal even sweeter, it also happens to be one of those panty-drop inducing wines, with an alcohol percentage of 14% – straight to the head I tell you!)

But therein lays the mystery. Where did this wine originate from?

Well no, we know that. It comes from Stellenbosch, made, matured and bottled by Alain Moueix on the Ingwe wine estate because that is what it says on the bottle’s label.

No, I mean we don’t know how it landed in our wine rack. I know that I don’t have discerning enough taste to have bought it in the first place. Chantelle assures me that she never purchased it. We don’t really have friends who give us wine and it couldn’t just have always been there because my wine rack hasn’t been standing there longer than 6 months!

Truly a GREAT mystery to solve! :)

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