IdiotOh man, I felt so STUPID last night! What a blithering moron I can be sometimes!

The problem started after I received a phone call late afternoon from the mechanic currently working on my car, to let me know of its progress. Now the car had already overnighted on Tuesday evening thanks to the scale of the repairs being done, but I had been assured that I would get my car back yesterday as I needed it for today (seeing as I need to go into the office for work).

Of course, not hearing anything about the car for the entire day and then receiving a phone call far to close to their closing time for my liking is never a good thing, and my fears were quickly proved correct when Pieter informed me that they still haven’t finished the job thanks to an errant delivery on the part of Volkswagen who need to supply my new water pipes.

This of course meant that my car had to overnight last night again, and of course this lead me into a bit of a quandary as what to do about today.

Unfortunately I couldn’t borrow Chantelle’s car because she’s working a semi-late shift and taking the train is out of the question because from here to Cape Town is an hour and a half trip, making it impossible to get back from work in time to still pick up my car this afternoon.

So then Chantelle came up with a brilliant idea which involved sleeping over in Bellville, borrowing Ryan’s car and then returning it to him on Saturday. An extremely complicated and convoluted plan on the outside, but a workable one nonetheless and one that Ryan instantly agreed to help out with as he always does.

So I packed my bags, got ready, Chantelle sighed and came to pick me up and after a quick bite to eat, I stood up, already to go when all of a sudden…

…a brainwave hit me.

Doh! How stupid can one possibly be? I couldn’t believe it. I really, really could kick myself. Uttering my extreme exasperation at my blithering idiotness, I picked up the phone and…

…phoned Kyle.

So today I’m working from home instead of at the office.

Yup. Can’t feel much stupider than this.

Update: Just got off the phone with the mechanic. Once again the parts for my car didn’t arrive and once again it needs to overnight by them. This makes it the third night now and bloody hell, what an inconvenience. Chantelle is already shouting ‘discount’, ‘discount’ I tell you! That said, a discount on my rather large bill would be quite nice though… maybe I should get Chantelle in there to negotiate for me! *sigh*