Rogue GalaxyYeah, believe it or not, I’m STILL playing Rogue Galaxy, and so far I’m still at the paltry 41 hour mark. How come is it taking you so long you ask? Well, for one I was keen to track down all the extra quarries and two I really don’t get all that much time to play games to be honest.

Anyway, Rogue Galaxy has proved to be a fairly enjoyable RPG so far, despite the fact that it comes across fairly simplified and perhaps a little too easy. The story has been okay as well, though I must say that they’ve kind of gone and lost the script for the last quarter of the game, turning what could have been a nice action-packed storyline into something rather unbelievably sappy and just plain stupid. Drigellum? Please, you guys are making me want to puke.

Anyway, tonight’s rant has got nothing to do with the story. No, it has to do with the incredibly cheap final battle they’ve decided to dump on me right at the end of it all.

Now I understand that the final boss of a game is meant to be marginally tougher than the rest. But I also know that after 40 hours of playing a game, the last thing any gamer wants is to be frustrated. And that’s exactly what the developers have gone and done. They’ve managed to set things up so that it frustrates the crap out of anyone bothering to play through to the end of the game.

10 battles in a row, 8 of which are individual fights and not a single save point in between!

It literally takes you well over half an hour just to reach the ‘possibly’ final battle with a lonesome Jaster, only to find that your last opponent can kill you in two or three hits and once that happens, it is straight back to the last save point – 10 battles ago!

Aargh, I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. Is it really to much to ask for save-points between multi-boss battles!?!

Thankfully 99% of the cinematics are at least skippable and a couple of the singles battles can be won using a cheap trick or two, but still, doing the same battles over and over again may very well mean I don’t ever bother shooting for that oh so final cutscene!