GoogleHave you created a website on the World Wide World? Are you afraid that no one will ever find it? Will it be forever lost in the great big darkness that is the Interwebs?

Fear not little man. Just ask Google very nicely to spider it for you, and all of your worries will be solved.

How you ask? I don’t want to create user accounts, enter in passwords and leave a trail for people to follow! I just want someone to love me and spider my site!

Well then you silly little man, the easiest solution for you is to mosey on over to Google’s direct submit a link page at

There it is as easy as entering your URL, filling in the CAPTCHA letters and hitting the submit button!

Yup, there you go. Now somebody can finally give you the love that you so rightfully deserve.

Of course, if you do want to get a little more pedantic about harvesting some love for you creation, you had best click on the Webmaster Info info link because Google sure does make it fun to play under the hood of your brand spanking new creation!