BalderdashNo seriously. How’s your spizzerinctum today?

Well mine is pretty good considering the awesomely relaxed weekend I’ve just come off of, I can certainly tell you that.

And if you are still a little confused and currently feeling with your hand where you appendix should be sitting, don’t worry, spizzerinctum means nothing other than ‘energy and ambition’. And you can take my word for it – it comes directly from Balderdash so it MUST be true! :)

From start to finish the weekend was pretty chilled, with Friday night kicking off with a long and enjoyable visit from Liz, who dropped by to drop off some PS2 extras and ended up pretty much staying just about the whole night! Luckily I had just purchased some ice cream a couple of days before, so at least we were sorted snack-wise and I could impress the girls with my waiter-like ice-cream with Ice Cap mad leet serving skillz

Saturday morning started the same way as Friday night had ended, with me up and about on the computer and Chantelle gently snoring away in bed. Taking our time to usher the afternoon in, we squeezed in a spot of shopping before rushing back home to prepare the (when I say we I mean Chantelle) fridge cheesecake with strawberries dipped in chocolate and rice destined for our upcoming evening expedition to Kraaifontein.

Of course, the food preparation and shopping trip had taken longer than expected (plus the fact that we nearly forgot about the rice altogether!) and naturally we were late as hell, so nothing too surprising there. What was surprising however was the huge traffic backlog as we crested the bridge off the N1 onto the R300 and promptly sat stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for a good portion of the trip. In the end it took us nearly an hour and a half to reach Dean’s mom’s place, a trip that can probably be done in less than half of that!

Anyway, with Dean happily stoking away at his potjie, Zania faffing around the kitchen and Terrance and Ryan lost in conversation, Chantelle and I immediately tucked into the snacks, devouring packets of chips in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t too long after before Karl and Pat also arrived, thereby completing the evening’s octet and opening up the opportunity for a quick game of darts between Karl, Terrance and myself. Naturally Terrance took the game with ease (though his victory may have been helped along by his shocking revelation that their pool that has been standing empty for well over 10 years now has at last been filled – and with water believe it or not!)

At this stage the hapless crowd was baying for us to finish up because Dean had already triumphantly lifted his completed potjie off the coals without burning himself and pretty much everyone was dying of starvation (because Chantelle and I had already eaten the chips. Please try to keep up if you can).

With our rice as the foundation, Dean’s meat, veggie and potato potjie as the filling and Zania’s freshly baked bread on the side, our feast fit for kings was complete and everyone hungrily tucked in with some vicious fights breaking out for the bigger cuts of meat floating around the sweltering hot pot.

Eventually everyone had eaten their fill and on general consensus it was decided to jump straight into Balderdash in order to give our flagging stomachs a chance to recover just that little. Of course Balderdash was the main reason for most of us showing up anyway, and so we eagerly made space and set the board down, handing out pencils, paper and just generally making a nuisance of ourselves as Zania excused herself in order to go study.

Poor girl. She didn’t know what she was missing!

A quick rundown of the rules and we were off, bullshitting one another left, right and center. For the most part the game was pretty even (apart from Mr. Brown who lagged so far back that at times we didn’t even realize he was playing), with the majority of us sticking together neck and neck right up until the end, which was exactly when Patricia unleashed a barrage of points upon us and surged to a comfortable victory, leaving us choking in her imaginary dust.

By that stage we had already well and truly dug in Patricia’s fridge fudge that she had brought along (well done Mr Brown in forcing her to make it for us!), but we all still had enough space for pudding, and Chantelle triumphantly whipped out her cheesecake which I have to publically admit as to being the most delicious cheesecake I have EVER tasted!

Damn it but she’s good in that kitchen of hers! :)

Anyway, the cheesecake and chocolate-dipped strawberries went down a treat and after everyone had well and truly stuffed their faces (and pockets too), the farewells began and in one foul swoop Terrance, Ryan, Karl and Pat disappeared into the ephemeral mists, leaving Dean, Zania, Chantelle and I to contemplate what to do with the remaining dirty dishes.

Which is exactly why we played a quick game of darts and drank coffee instead.

(Oh and for the record, I won this round at the dart board for a change)