SingStarOoh, now I’ve gone and done it. Just like Victor Frankenstein, I too have created the ultimate monster! :)

So on Friday night Liz popped around to drop off her PlayStation 2 leftovers that had remained after they had broken into her flat last year and cleaned it out. One of the casualties of the uninvited raid had been her pink PlayStation that I had bought for her when we were still going out a couple of years ago, but as is always the case with criminals – they tend to do a half job when stealing electronic stuff.

So with no further use for a bright pink memory stick, two SingStar microphones and a couple of games including Tourist Trophy, The Sims 2, Torino 2006, Formula One 06 and MotoGP4, she graciously offered them to us, which naturally I accepted on the spot.

Now having already failed to get Chantelle suitably enamoured with gaming as a whole, with even the energetic Dancing Stage not catching hold like I might have hoped for, surely the uber popular SingStar might be my ticket to success? (Of course, the added bonus that Chantelle already loves to sing and is in fact pretty talented in that department certainly helps as well!)

And what do you know. No sooner had we returned from the store clutching our very own copy of SingStar 90’s, plugged the microphones in and set the system up, when I discovered that I had created my very own SingStar song monster. Insatiably devouring tune after tune, Chantelle continued to karaoke for what seemed like eternity, long after my throat had given out, and seemingly impervious to singing exhaustion. Heck, even mom and dad got the chance to have a good old giggle by watching her through the kitchen window when they arrived late Sunday evening for their impromptu visit.

And it gets even better. Already Chantelle has gone so far as to go out and purchase another SingStar collection for her newfound hobby all on her own, this time shooting for the SingStar Rock Ballads compilation. So between the 90’s and the Rock Ballads, number 45 Nagua Bay has all of a sudden become 20 times more lively (and noisy) than what it used to be!

Hey, and she’s always looking for challengers too you know. My legendary lack of singing skills seems to apply just as well to the game world as it does to real life! Karaoke anyone? :)