GolfI’m itching to pick up a club again, seeing as I haven’t done it in ages now, and just moer that little white ball into outer space. So on Wednesday morning I phoned up the Somerset West Vodacom Golf Village, the nearest driving range to me, as to inquire about their pricing structures.

After finally being transferred to the correct person who could answer my query, I laid out my question to which the lady on the other end immediately replied “Excuse me for saying this, but you sound awfully young. Just how old are you?”, a question to which I couldn’t help but bursting out in laughter as a response.

Wiping away a tear from my eye, I assured the lady I am in fact 28 and well on my way to being an adult, hoping to reach there in a couple of years time. :)

But damn it, despite sounding so young and thus by default qualifying for a discount (I wish) the driving range’s prices are pretty heavy – you’d think they really are trying hard to keep all us riff raff out of the game!