Angelic LayerSo my quest to inundate Chantelle with anime until she finally succumbs to its inherit charms continues, following on from my successful Chobits campaign that I’m pleased to announce seemed to strike a cord with C as she watched the majority of the series on her own time (and enjoyed it!) without me hanging about to prod her along! :)

Wanting her to experience as much differing genres as possible, the next series I’ve picked for her is yet another one of CLAMP’s works, Angelic Layer, a sweet, humorous (but with enough drama to suffice) little story revolving around a young girl separated from her mother who moves to Tokyo and comes into contact with the world of Angelic Layer, a game where the actions of your ‘doll’ is only limited by the constraints of your imagination.

It is one of those classic feel good anime works and I’m hoping that C enjoys this foray into the anime universe too. However, once Angelic Layer is done, I’m going to switch gears a little and throw the whole project on its head by introducing her to Noir, possibly the best atmospheric mystery/action series ever produced and then follow that up with Death Note, one of the greatest anime series EVER brought to life!

I will however refrain from introducing Ikkitousen to her. Some shows just weren’t made with a female audience in mind! :)