Just a quick heads up if you happen to stay in the Strand/Somerset West area and are pretty fond of reading your foreign (read British) magazines. The Paperweight branch situated in Gants Plaza (right next to the Virgin Active gym that overlooks the N2) is having a massive clearance sale to try and cut down its rather heavy current stock levels, which of course means great bargains for us little people.

Currently all magazine, and I mean ALL of them, are going for R5 a shot and their softcover paperbacks are being sold at 4 for R10 – talk about a killer bargain! I myself managed to stall my gym session for a good 20 minutes yesterday by browsing up and down the racks and emerging triumphantly with seven different copies of 2000AD and one Otaku USA mag!

So there. Now you can’t tell me that I haven’t done my civic duty for the day! :P

stack of old 2000ad comic magazines