Fish TankIf you wondering why I no longer mention our fish tank here at home, never fear, the thing’s still here. Actually, we haven’t paid it much attention after that last devastating last Ick outbreak that killed of the large majority of our fish and left the thing looking pretty rotten, apart from the odd treatment and scrubbing or two.

However, this diminishing of stock turned out to be a rather good thing for the tank as it has since then stabilised nicely by itself and as such is looking pretty good at the moment. Having learnt our lesson of overstocking now, we’re determined to keep the population level as low as possible, but at the same time maintain the visual impact that a thriving fish tank is meant to have.

So at the moment the tank currently plays home to:

– 3 aquatic rooted plants
– 1 bundle of floating grass
– 1 plastic ship
– 1 plastic vase
– 1 heavily scarred mother of an orange goldfish (survivor)
– 1 bugger of a orange fantail goldfish who was actually responsible for introducing the plague in the first place (survivor)
– 1 lethargic purple Siamese fighter (survivor)
– 1 energetic, growing Plecostomus (survivor)
– 2 Black Moors just to balance the colour out a bit (new)

And there you have. That’s going to remain the fishnetic makeup of our tank for the foreseeable future – or at least until one of the fish eats another.