Thursday night saw me head out to Bellville after work just for the fun of it, where I picked up Ryan and we hit the mall, promptly heading for all the digital entertainment spots, scouring for games, comics and just general digital goodness. And while I came away relatively unscathed with only a pack of comics to my name, he walked out clutching one of those full Simpson season little DVD boxes that he is always so fond of.

Anyway, in celebration of my impromptu visit, mom had cooked up my absolute favourite dish (and perhaps my most missed dish of them all), meat and potato stew, for supper and this turned out to be indeed the perfect complement to watching TV on dad’s new big screen Sony Bravia.

Man, the photos didn’t lie. Dad’s new setup is simply put: AWESOME. Extreme envy on my part I tell you! :)

Of course, in this day and age just watching TV on the big screen is simply not enough, and Ryan was more than a little quick to pull out the Xbox and set it up, eager to show off his latest purchase, the absolutely awesome FIFA 09.

Now FIFA 08 on the 360 was not particularly great. Heck, FIFA 08 in general wasn’t that awesome, simply because the gameplay changes to the system locked the game completely into a midfield grind type scenario, so it is pretty refreshing to see that the developers have listened to the complaints and brought out a game that is far more playable AND enjoyable this time around.

(Oh, and of course I must comment on just how awesome the bloody title looks in full HD! Truly you need to get yourself one of these monsters sooner than later Mr. Ryan!)

After, supper and a couple of games of FIFA (I’m still getting to grips with the Xbox controller), the next stop for the evening was a spot of social badminton at the church. Now unfortunately mom and pops couldn’t make if for a change, but thankfully there were enough other players to fill the court and in the end we were six people for the night, pretty much the best number for a single court scenario in any case in my opinion.

But even more awesome than the thoroughly enjoyable badminton games I played was this: my knee didn’t give me ANY hassles at all!

It’s been behaving itself at gym, behaving itself up the stairs and now it even behaved itself on the badminton court.

Do I FINALLY no longer knee’d any help then!? :)