ObamaFinally the day has come where Americans of all shapes and sizes get to pick their new leader and finally rid themselves (and the rest of the world) of Bush (I’m talking about their president, not their personal hygiene by the way). Surely it must have been hard being the laughing stock of the world for so long – no wonder they invaded Iraq just to blow off some of their frustration! ;)

Anyway, when it comes to the essentially two horse race, I must admit even I have picked my favourite for the win. Barak Obama has simply impressed me every single step of the way, while John McCain has come across as someone who is willing to go to any lengths to win and seems to be more interested in fighting with and discrediting his opponents than actually simply focusing on the matters at hand.

While both Obama and McCain come across as equally intelligent and competent, one can’t help but fear that McCain represents everything that Bush stands for and as such brings with him no change, something that the United States of America desperately needs in light of their particular current economics woes. Obama on the other hand seems to have the answers for almost everything and he truly does represent change, the single focus point that his whole campaing has been hinged on almost from the start.

And I haven’t even mentioned his race yet.

On that front, the surprisingly backwards United States could certainly do with placing their first ever black man into the White House. It’s about time isn’t it? (And besides, one really does get the feeling that McCain is to old, to out of touch with current lifestyle anyway. The man might keel over at any minute you know!)

So I for one sincerely hope that the vote goes Obama’s way. And if he wins, I’ll EVEN forgive him for stealing that coveted ‘first ever black American president’ position right out of Will Smith’s hands! :)