OlympusYesterday morning I was greeted by quite a humorous sight as I passed our bedroom on the way to the study to retrieve my USB modem. I had just previously got dressed and had obviously not yet got around to tidying up the room, a fact that little Olympus certainly took advantage of.

There, snuggled comfortably in amongst my warm socks and underpants, Mr. Olympus decided to nap the rest of the morning away.

And of course, Chantelle’s camera phone was unavailable (seeing as she was already at work) and our one and only digital camera is currently lying out of action, meaning the best shot I could get was with my atrocious excuse of a camera phone.

So please don’t complain about the quality :)

(Oh. And I later found little Coco snuggled up at the back between my two computer monitors on the desk in the study. It certainly seemed a morning for picking the strangest of spots for a nap!)