Pepper PottsAg no man, the weekend has come and gone again, faster that what a full grown man can sing ‘Waltzing Matilda’ while clutching a pitcher of beer in his right hand.

Chantelle was once again on full time duty for the duration of the weekend, meaning I needed to entertain myself and which also explains why I ended up watching Ultimate Avengers 2 on Friday night. (The fact that I dozed through the end tells you a little about just how exciting that was. Or the fact that I was damn tired. You decide.)

Saturday however was a whole different bag of kittens as Mr. Brown popped through to GB for one of his monthly visitations. The initial plan had been for him to come lugging my new barebones desktop PC that Ryan had loaned me the money for through with him, but Matrix Warehouse was a little sluggish in putting it together so I had to make do with my newly buffed/skimmed copy of Total Overdose (which now works an absolute charm) instead.

Accepting his entrance gift, I ushered Mr. Brown in and as always we spent a nice sizeable chunk of time catching up on all the news and berating the fact that we are now getting so old, before getting down to business and demoing Total Overdose to him. A quick show and tell session later and we were geared up and on our way to the tennis court, eager to prove to the world that Nadal and Federer have NOTHING to fear from the two of us.

Sadly for us however, some other twits had got there first and after we realized they were flat out ignoring our rather forlorn looks from outside the court, we headed off to the security entrance to pick up the squash keys instead. And once again, unfortunately for us, the Gods conspired against us as the squash court turned out to STILL be unavailable, this time being closed thanks to a fresh coat of paint it had received during the week.

Never fear, the backup plan was still in place (or so we thought), but this too was squashed when we realized that Somerset Mall’s Ster Kinekor movie selection is rather less than impressive than say, Tygervalley’s, meaning that option was out the door as well! Still, determined to at least do something out of the house, we jumped into Terrance’s Golf and drove off to the mall, with the excuse that we needed to browse the music and computer shops anyway.

The window shopping proved pretty fruitless in the end, but the call for lunch was certainly more successful, with both Mr. Brown and I opting for some Subway ‘freshy’ goodness. The subs as always were absolutely delicious and I think Mr. Brown was rather relieved that Subway didn’t turn out to be as big a rip-off as that dodgy Dodge he tried out the last time he was out this way.

Back home we were surprised to find one Chantelle lounging on the couch, having ducked off on a quick break from work and after a brief stint of watching some Detroit Metal City in the ‘Man Room’, we returned to her side and Mr. Brown coaxed her into starting up Singstar so that he could experience a bit of its madness for himself.

And all I have to say on the matter is: “Stop. It’s Hammer Time”.

Needless to say, you may interpret this as Mr. Brown rather enjoyed the experience. So much so that we even performed a couple more songs long after Chantelle had returned to work! (All the blinds were drawn at that stage of course!)

Next up for the day was a quick stroll on the beach (quickly cancelled thanks to GB’s infamous wind whipping up) and then a trip to the video store to select the entertainment for the night. After much oohing and ahing because we couldn’t really find anything we HAD to see, Terrance gleaned the fact that I still hadn’t gotten around to watching Iron Man yet, forcing his hand and thus before I knew it, we were out the door with a copy of Marvel’s iron-clad Avenger in hand.

A quick trip to Spar behind us and then it was on to the main delicacy of the day – Terrance’s must have Ooskus fish parcel of course! The sneaky bugger put in an order for two, claiming that the one was for his mother, but I know him – breakfast must have been good on Sunday eh Mr Brown? :P

And that was that. We returned home, slotted in two games of FIFA (both of which I won for a change!), dealt out the food and sat down to watch an admittedly extremely enjoyable movie. Chantelle eventually returned from work to find us slumped in front of the TV, with Olympus curled up on his dad’s chest, and after the final credits rolled by, Mr. Brown bid his farewell, swiped my powered USB hub off the counter and ran for the hills.

Thanks for the visit though Terrance. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always!! :)

Of course, the weekend wasn’t quite yet done and Sunday I organized to go through for lunch with Ryan, Mom and Pops (after I registered for our upcoming national elections of course! I’m a diligent citizen you see), seeing as my new PC was now safely sitting in Ryan’s care.

The boys had been out all morning playing golf in Worcester (they had teed off ridiculously early) and so Mom had organized to cook a peri peri chicken dish for lunch, accompanied by an assortment of potato bake, rice, etc. – and pudding of course! And as an added bonus, the weather was absolutely brilliant in Bellville, not a breath of wind, and the four of us sat down to enjoy a thoroughly tasty meal under the shaded porch at the back of the house, absorbing all of what could only be called the perfect summer’s day.

The food out of the way, it was then straight into Ryan’s office where we proceeded to bash about with his drawing tablet that had all of a sudden stopped working (after loaning it to me damnit!) and testing out my new machine just to make sure it doesn’t seem to have any hardware faults. So far so good, it looks pretty spiffy and with everything tested and repacked, we hijacked the big screen TV and slotted in a couple of games of FIFA, with me once again proving to be the ultimate FIFA champion!

Needless to say I imagine Ryan is out there, busy practicing for his revenge right now! ;)

Back home, and I finally got to spend some time with Chantelle, or at least that would have been the case if I didn’t have to sit in front of the PC and get some of my ALP work done. So it was Horton Hears a Who for her and more keyboard ‘typery’ for me.

Damn that weekend moves fast! :)