Mango FlightWell, it is now done. Our plane tickets have been booked, our accommodation secured. All that is needed now is the car hire, but if that doesn’t come through, I’m sure a couple of rickshaws won’t mind picking up the 2 hour drive slack.

Next year 28th of February is Wayne and Candice’s big wedding event, hosted up in the Drakensberg at the Dragon’s Peak Mountain Resort and of course we wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.

And as an added bonus, it is going to be Chantelle’s first ever visit to Durban as well! (Don’t ask me why we are travelling from Durban and not Johannesburg. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if I tried).

So here’s hoping to Mango staying in business until at least next year March (we’ve got to come back too you know!). And Wayne and Candice: you’d better not postpone this! :P