Canon IP4500 PrinterGot quite a nice surprise on Monday during the day at the office. John Macey gave me a tinkle to ask if I was in and if he could come up and see me. No problem of course, and I quickly minimised all my non-work related windows just in case.

A little while later, John arrived and much to my surprise, he immediately started off the bat by telling me that he’d heard that I’m leaving, that my final day is the last day of this month and that the UCTRF (which he represents) wanted to thank me for all the work I’ve done for them over the last couple of years.

Taken aback, I assured him that it was only a pleasure, but he pressed on and said something quite unexpected: “We would like to give you a gift as a token of our appreciation”.

And that’s that. I get to pick any physical gift to the value of R1500, give them the details and they will then hand it over to me at a suitable occasion