Shopping BagSjoe, this weekend ended up being quite a busy affair – not a single spare minute to try and further my Total Overdose drive so to speak! Man, I feel like I need another weekend just to recuperate from this one! :)

Friday started out as normal with a drive into work, a couple of hours behind the keyboard and then at 12:00 it was off to the Fat Cactus in Mowbray for a Pinnacle-sponsored staff lunch which we all thoroughly enjoyed. The Mexican food was delicious as always, admittedly even I am now a fan of their chili poppers, and an enjoyable lunch was ended by Bobby convincing Kyle to try out their margaritas, meaning I got to polish off both a lime and strawberry margarita in quick succession, the perfect complement to those three Castle drafts I had already polished off!

From there it was straight home to Bellville where I hooked up with Ryan and we did some Figure Fanatix browsing. In the end Ryan picked up an extremely playful and voluptuous OS Idol Win-chan 2.0 figurine and then made me feel better about my tight budget by buying me two comics as well! :)

And then naturally it was straight home for some big screen FIFA time. A visit to Bellville is now simply incomplete without it.

Friday evening was family braai time that Claire and Riley had organized and so Mom, Dad, Ryan, Gran L, Gran B, Claire, Riley, Chantelle (late as usual!) and I all joined up around the braai for yet more delicious food and good conversation, topped with some delicious dessert courtesy of mom’s chocolate cake and Claire’s cookie-and-cream ice-cream.

For a change Chantelle and I decided to sleep over at mom’s place, meaning that we managed to get a good night’s rest and only arose much later on Saturday morning, though I did sneak out of the room a lot earlier than what Chantelle did – once again the lure of Discovery Channel (ninjas on Mythbusters) and yet more FIFA was simply too strong to resist!

Mom, pops and Ryan then abandoned us to see off the yachts at Cape Town harbor, while Chantelle returned to GB for work duty, leaving Claire and I to embark on one major shopping expedition, me signed on as the technology expert just to make sure that the electronics salesperson wasn’t going to screw Claire over.

After much walking around and with our main mission a failure, we were then forced to console ourselves with some Subway freshness instead.

It was nice.

Back to Bellville and it was time for the SA versus Scotland rugby game which I simply HAD to catch on the big screen.

It was nice.

Having finally had enough of Bellville, it was then time to head off back home, but being the nice boyfriend that I am, I instead popped in at the guest house to check in on my Babes and catch up on all the latest news and day’s happenings. After all, when you are booked out by a touring German yoga class there must surely be some stories to be told!

Eventually leaving her to her work, I was finally back home where I immediately started preparing for Sunday’s big ‘man room’ shuffle. Needless to say, this didn’t last for too long and pretty soon after Chantelle had returned from a hard shift’s work, we hit the sack for some well deserved zees.

Sunday morning and after a mini emergency which involved Chantelle oversleeping and thus a tad panicky when she woke up realizing that she was serving breakfast for the afore-mentioned yoga tourists at 07:00 in twenty odd minute’s time, I got stuck into the back-breaking work of removing all the Commerce I.T. equipment out of the man room and then re-setting up all my new equipment.

Of course, Sunday always turned out to be the perfect summer’s day, meaning I was soon drenched in sweat and cursing every time I burnt my fingers with that damn glue gun! Thankfully I finished up just in time, because Chantelle eventually arrived home and then it was straight into shopping mode as we hit Somerset Mall for a spot of purchasing power. As it is, Chantelle and I haven’t been spending a lot of time together as of late thanks to all her work, so Sunday really was a bit of a blessing in disguise. We shopped, we lunched, we shopped some more (she likes the idea of dressing me up for the new job) and then it was back home for a spot of tennis.

Or at least hitting the ball around a bit.

And fetching it all around the sides of the court a lot.

This continued until the light was gone and our hands were sore, meaning it was back into the flat, and after a delightful Eli Stone season 2, episode 1 showing it was straight into bed for some well deserved sleepy time.


Whenever you have a three pages long blog post you KNOW you’ve had a busy weekend! :)

Oh, nearly forgot. Olympus also officially moved up on the ‘Most Wanted Serial Killers’ list yesterday. He took down his first pigeon yesterday – and naturally brought it inside to show off his kill (and play with it just that little bit more). Must have taken the young bird from a nest we suspect. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance – damn indiscriminate killer! (That said, he did basically eat up the whole carcass – only a few feathers left!) :(

You can tell we weren’t all that happy by this latest development – but at the same time I’m rather proud of my growing boy’s ever increasing prowess!