I mentioned the fact that Ryan purchased the highly adorable, rather voluptuous and very risqué Win-chan last weekend, a figurine that you can only own if

a) Your girlfriend shares your passion for all things Asian,
b) You don’t have a girlfriend, or
c) You have a sturdy lock on the door to your ‘office’.

Needless to say, I don’t qualify for any of the above three, meaning that Win-chan shall never coyly languish upon my desk. (In any event, Conan and the rest of his barbarian horde probably wouldn’t appreciate her languishing in their spot either.)

Now, back to Win-chan herself.

OS Idol Win-chan Version 2 figurine 1

Her full name is OS Idol Win-chan (Version 2.0) and she doesn’t come from any particular series. Manufactured by Kaiyodo, this 1/7 PVC scale figurine is based on Mine Yoshizaki’s Win-chan character created for Japanese magazine Tech Win, a monthly publication that deals with Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

The model itself is beautifully realized in hard-wearing PVC and is modelled extremely cleanly with almost no seam lines and a particularly cute facial expression. Of course the main outstanding feature is Win-chan’s outrageous hairstyle and the modeller has certainly pulled this one off with quite some flair. Of course, one really has to be squint not to notice the fact that this is one of those bikini-models, so we’ll just leave it at the pose is quite nicely done, well proportioned and manages to come across very playful all rolled into one.

The paint job looks pretty neat and colourful, with no seepages or any real discolorations to speak of. That said, she is just a tad over-shaded on her underside, but seeing as the model isn’t really made to pose this way, this isn’t a particularly glaring problem. Oh, and her stand is actually a pretty nice touch too – a fake ‘Win-chan CD’, thereby by nicely cementing the whole ‘OS Idol’ angle.

The box packaging is pretty good it must be said, complete with fake Windows and Compact Disc logos and also features some original artwork from Mine Yoshizaki. The inside packaging is secure and also provides a good giggle thanks to its female bits hugging moulding :)

All in all, Win-chan is an adorable, risqué little production that is well priced and should fit nicely on any otaku’s desk – provided they fulfil requirements A to C previously mentioned.

For those of you who wish to see a little more:

OS Idol Win-chan Version 2 figurine 2

OS Idol Win-chan Version 2 figurine 3

OS Idol Win-chan Version 2 figurine 4

OS Idol Win-chan Version 2 figurine 5

{Photos swiped from: EmencyBlazer Works}