EmailI won’t lie, but that felt DAMN good yesterday.

I sent off this simple email just to inform all Commerce staff members that they need to start using the official webmaster email address for all their web-related communications…

Good afternoon.

Just a quick notice. As I am currently leaving Commerce I.T. at the end of this month, please ensure that all e-mail correspondence intended for the Commerce Webmaster gets sent to as this is the official webmaster e-mail address. This will ensure that the mail gets picked up by my replacement or whomever is filling in during the caretaker period (This address automatically forwards to the webmaster’s UCT mail account). The direct office contact number remains 021 650 5233.

I will remain available until Friday 28/11/2008.

Thank you for your time.


…and Bam!, almost immediately responses came pouring into my inbox from the staff members I’ve supported over the years, all thanking me for my services rendered and wishing me well for the future. I won’t lie, each and every one of these e-mails make me smile, lifted my spirit just that little and reminded me that my work IS important, even if I myself sometimes don’t think so.

So thank you to each and every one of you – I really do appreciate your support and I in return wish you well for the future! :)