WorkerOoh, time really is flying by! I’ve got less than two weeks to go before I say goodbye to good old Commerce I.T. and hello TouchWork. As it is, it looks like my position here at Commerce I.T. is going to remain unfulfilled still for quite some time, thanks to the HR and selection committee dragging their feet a fair bit. Needless to say, the boss is pretty nervous and angry about this situation all rolled into one.

The bitterest pill that I’ve had to swallow though is most definitely the fact that my current position turns out to be under-graded by at least one pay scale (which amounts to a lot of money that could have been in my pocket already!!!). So the new guy (though in all likelihood it will be a girl) will be earning a lot more money doing exactly the same work that I was doing – *sigh*, so it goes I suppose! :)

In any event, I’ve already outlined my reasons for the job change on numerous occasions before, so like I said – this move REALLY isn’t about the money, it’s all about expanding my horizons, improving my skill set and letting me grow just that little bit more, both professionally and socially.

(In any event, I’m actually going to be earning minimally less than what I currently am, so you know this is true! Actually come to think of it, now I’m going to be earning a LOT less than what I would be earning if I stayed and my job got upgraded! Damn, tough decision! :D)

As it stands at the moment, I’ve agreed to stay on Commerce I.T.’s payroll to remotely help them out after hours for when they need me during this transitional phase for them, so at least that is a bit of cash in my back pocket if they ever need me. So now it is just two final more projects for me (the one being a resource centre-like portal for the new guy) and a couple of lunches/functions to attend and then I’m finally physically out the doors – but not out of the system just quite yet!

And talking about lunches/functions, boy is this period busy. Last Friday was Pinnacle taking us out to lunch at Fat Cactus, Monday was lunch with Kyle at Cubana, tomorrow will be our year-end function at Cubana and then next week I believe it is a departmental supper with Elsje sometime. Sjoe, talk about needing an iron-clad stomach for the next while! ;)