Seeing as I’ve been a bit light in the pants with regards to flowers and chocolates for poor old Chantelle as of late, I decided to try and make up for this by buying something completely different for her – SingStar 80’s.

Seeing as she is so enjoying the other two that we already have (SingStar 90’s and SingStar Rock Ballads), a release proclaiming “The Soundtrack of your Youth” on its back cover must surely be just as good – and I’m happy to report that it most certainly is.

The software simians back at London Studio must be getting pretty tired of churning out the same product over and over again, but to be honest, it is this standardization of the SingStar line that makes it as popular and accessible as what it is. Every couple of months it is a new release, essentially the same game but just with an updated playlist, and thanks to the universal truth that EVERYONE (when applied with the correct dosage of alcohol in their system of course) loves karaoke, Sony and London Studio seem to have an essentially eternal sure-fire hit on their hands!

Anyway, back to the SingStar 80’s incarnation. They really aren’t lying when they say that this is the soundtrack of your youth. Featuring all the big hits from the 80’s, this version of SingStar will have you belting out tunes long since lost from the airwaves but still fresh in everyone’s head and if you are aged anywhere from 28 years and upwards, I dare you not to WANT to join in on the fun! :)

As per usual all the standard SingStar bells and whistle and gameplay mechanics are present and if you’ve played any of the other versions of SingStar before, then you’ll be right at home with this version. (In fact, you probably will be home when playing it. My preference is to keep all the blinds shut whenever Chantelle coaxes me behind the microphone. I still think the system is faulty though. There is just no way I can keep garnering such shockingly poor scores! :D)

Oh, and the playlist for all you people who care about things like that:

P.S. Chantelle loves this one. Looks like I’m off the hook for now! :P