MoleSo seeing as Olympus has already moved up the kill chain, promoting himself from frog catcher to pigeon killer, Coco has now decided that he too wants a higher status in life – which would then explain why at 01:00 this morning Chantelle was playing mole shepherd in trying to lead a trapped mole out of my office where he had inadvertently been locked in when we retired for the night. (Naturally I snored through all this commotion)

Apparently removing the mole turned out to be quite a mission for the broom wielding, skoppie carrying Chantelle as every time she succeeded in moving the mole outside, young Coco would grab the poor thing and promptly carry it inside again. This game of cat and mole continued until the frustrated Chantelle just gave up, locked the cat-flap and left the two outside for the night.

Personally, I just think she was making a mountain out of a molehill.

(I’m impressed though. This from a woman who screams like a little girl every time a moth even thinks of flying close by!)