Jason AbrahamsFriday 28 November 2008. My final day at Commerce I.T., the department I’ve called my working home since 2001.

It all started when I was in third year varsity, looking for an extra source of income and spotted an advert calling for IS students to take on the role as web assistants for Commerce I.T., the IT support department for the Commerce Faculty. Despite the fact that I was a Computer Science student and not an IS student, I applied anyway and much to my surprise (and extreme gratitude), they gave me the job and I was soon hard at work as part of their part-time web team. This went on until I graduated at the end of 2002 and we parted ways where I eagerly stepped forth into the job market – and fell into complete despair when I found that I just couldn’t seem to find a job at that point in time.

Fast forward to the end of January 2003 and I get a phone call from Commerce I.T. inquiring as to whether or not I’d found work yet. Obviously as I had not, they offered me a position as lab administrator for their then newly opened Commerce Alumni lab, a pretty basic and silly position when I look back at it now, but one that I at that stage needed simply to fulfill my feeling of self worth.

So that I did for a year, finished up and left again, but this time for no more than a month or two before I once again got a phone call from Kyle asking if I’d be interested in filling up their newly opened position, that of a full-time permanent member of staff, the Commerce Webmaster.

So once again I leapt into the fray, again ignoring my four years of studies and became… a webmaster.

That said, not exactly your typical webmaster though. Seeing as I’m a programmer by training, I quickly set about upgrading my position’s duties to something more suitable to me, and quickly the site became more and more automated with background scripts and include frameworks taking over while at the same time cementing my position by crafting a number of desktop and server applications for the department and faculty.

And that is that. It is now the end of 2008 and I’ve been associated with Commerce I.T. for a good seven years now. I’ve seen faculty staff and academics come and go, I’ve seen a change in the university leadership and a change in the faculty dean. I’ve worked with a lot of people and a lot of people know who I am – even if it is just a name that they recognise from all my email correspondence, my primary means of communication.

But as I’ve said before, the time for change is now needed and I need to mature outside my safe haven, the place that has sheltered me from the outside world for so long. Thus my resignation and my acceptance of a new job, situated far from the grasp of UCT’s long fingers. However, that said, I want to thank Kyle, Luigi, Riethwaan, the now deceased Beryl, Jason, Tracy, Darryl, Christopher and Gino for the absolute pleasure it has been to work with you all