SingStarIt’s been a pretty good weekend if I say so myself. Friday was my last day in the office, and as such I had ensured that I had no work to do on the day, which is just as well as it gave me time to fiddle with my awesome gift from the department (a brilliant iPod Nano and a quality speaker docking system to go with it) as well as my present from the UCTRF, a Canon iP4500 printer. (Wow, I should change jobs more often – so many pressies I tell you! :D)

I had asked Chantelle to bake me a nice big box cake for the office and by 07:30 in the morning the team was already hard at work putting the cake a way, a feat that came as quite a surprise to Chantelle who was basically still getting out of bed by the time my first sms arrived telling her how everyone was loving the cake!

The day was skipping by at a fairly quick pace, broken only at 12:00 when Elsje popped in, picnic basket in hand, and the office was rapidly converted into a lunch room where we all sat down to enjoy a delicious cooked lunch consisting of chicken pie, rice, salady stuff and some choccies and mints as an after meal snack. Yes, you may be wondering just what the hell was going on, but it all makes sense if I told you. But I don’t feel like it. Hope you like the suspenders! :P

One by one the staff members fell to the call of home and one by one our farewells and thank you’s were said, before I too finally gave in to the urge to call it a day (job?) and left UCT’s parking lot behind in my rearview mirror – probably for the last time ever.

Traffic was a bitch but eventually I arrived home where Chantelle took my hands, danced me around the kitchen and off we went to Ben’s on the Beach for a celebratory supper that included good wine, good steak and a whole lot of good natured banter. Oh, and good service too. That’s always nice for a change you know.

Saturday was Chantelle work day once more and I entertained myself by setting up all my new goodies, playing games and reading comic books, before I secreted Chantelle out of the guesthouse and off we popped to the mall for so impromptu work shirt shopping. Surprisingly successful, we left the mall, sneaked Chantelle back into prison and I went back to relaxing at home, a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Evening rolled on and Chantelle returned home from work, eager for a cinematic experience but flabbergasted by the poor selection when it came to comedies currently showing on the big screen. Not wanting to watch Mr. Bones (even if it was the last movie on Earth), we settled on Wild Child and sadly, this turned out to be a movie that really just isn’t suited to our age demographic (though we did know that from the outset of course! We just hoped to prove them wrong for a change.)

Sunday and Chantelle was back at GBL while I scarcely had time to clean up the flat before Dean, Zania and Terrance stormed in upon our abode and instantly made themselves at home. After a fair bit of chatter and discussion regarding our upcoming weekend away at Witsands, I made the fatal error of showing off SingStar to Zania – a mistake that would cost us dear as it meant that we became enslaved to the microphones for pretty much the ENTIRE day!! :)

A nice surprise for the day was the surprise appearance of Chantelle herself half way through and she quickly joined the action as the five of us continued to belt out karoke rendition after rendition, much to the raucous amusement of those not partaking in the particular song of the moment.We only broke for lunch (which of course was Ooskus) and after a delightful bout of fish and chips topped off with some delicious lemon baked pudding that Zania had prepared and brought with, it was back to the microphones until Chantelle finally had to return to work, marking the point at which the other three decided that it too was time to go home, just in time for a early evening snoozeathon.

Sunday evening then devolved into yet another session of relaxation, snoozing and anime watching, before ending the night with a quick blog post type up or two (this one included) and then the hitting of the sack, all in eager anticipation of Monday’s brand new start. Or tart. If Chantelle had bothered to bake anything that is! :P