TouchWorkMonday morning and I woke up feeling as fresh and bright as a daisy, got dressed, jumped into the car and hit the long road to Westlake, Tokai, eager to get cracking at my first day on the job as a TouchWork employee.

Cautious as ever, I had left a good hour and a half before my start time of 08:30, expecting at least a decent amount of resistance in the form of traffic on a route which I simply know nothing about. With that said, you can therefore imagine my surprise when I rocked up in Muizenberg at about 07:45, leaving me scratching my head and stopping off at the local Seven Eleven to purchase a cooldrink just to kill some time.

A phone call to Chantelle, a stop to finish my cooldrink, and a brisk morning stroll around the business park was enough to do the trick and at 08:30 I proudly entered through the Spintelligent building’s doors, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by the discovery that TouchWork was no longer based there!


(apparently Rory had sent me an email informing me about this move, but ’till this day where it ended up remains a complete and utter mystery!)

Luckily one of the guys there was good enough to fill me in on which direction to point the Jetta’s nose in and I was soon heading back into Muizenberg, screeching around some corners until I finally arrived at my rather unassuming destination. Though I’m not sure that you can call a residential house with a great big unfinished two storey extension sticking out of its side ‘unassuming’ I suppose!

It would seem that Rory’s once destined Home Entertainment Room (or warehouse as I like to think of it) is going to be TouchWork’s headquarters for the next couple of months while they complete the process of acquiring a new office building – something I’m certainly in no particular hurry for now that I’m so nicely settled in I tell you! :)

Anyway, day 1 turned out to be a pretty much meet and greet affair (including lunch with the FD and CEO), with a whole lot of talking, discussions and learning going on for basically the whole day. It sounds like there is a lot of work to be done and problems to be fixed, and it seems like I’m going to be playing quite a big role in sorting some of those issues out – so some exciting challenges to look forward to, that’s for sure!

So, so far so good, that’s all I can say.

Love the setup, love the people, looking forward to the work. Looks like I couldn’t have made any better choice in selecting my brand new employment of choice! :)

Ooh, forgot to mention that I’ve got a pretty sweet rig to work on thrown in as well. Oh, and a comfy (and OH so stylish) chair. Mustn’t forget the chair I tell you!