BrideOkay, I admit it. We are going about this in rather a strange fashion. So Chantelle and I know that we are getting married next year and we know that it will be towards the end of the year as well. This is completely regardless of when I finally get my ass into gear and actually go out and buy an engagement ring and actually get around to proposing to her!

Now for the last couple of weeks Chantelle and the rest of her family have happily (and rather stressfully) been wedding venue hunting because we both know (well me after a fair bit of convincing) that to get a nice venue you need to book at least a year in advance! Now naturally I’m not taking too much interest in the whole procedure at this point in time, but I see her point about booking this thing sooner than later!

So after much deliberation, hard work, food tasting, sweat and tears, Chantelle finally found the venue that will suit our needs and our requirements, but more importantly, is one that she will want to get married at – and for a change I like her decision! :P

Unfortunately our number #1 pick couldn’t help us until at least 2010, but as with all great planning in life, option B has come straight to the rescue!

So pencil it into your diaries you scallywags: 7 November 2009. Meerendal Wine Estate.

It’s going to be good and worth the wait… promise! :)