20081204_GeckoTypical. Just after I release a blog post exclaiming how cool this newly released triple engine browser could be, down goes part of their installer package, more importantly, the installer download scripts for the Gecko and WebKit rendering engines respectively. Of course, this leaves Lunascape 5 little more than a generic wraparound bit of code for Internet Explorer, thus stripping it of what made it cool and possibly a little desirable in the first place!

Anyhow, I’ve dug around a little and have discovered that at least I can fool the system in thinking that the Gecko rendering engine gets pulled down and installed correctly.

First step, go and grab the 12mb GeckoSetup312 installer from Lunascape’s download server at d2irui5ihhbzbs.cloudfront.net/dl/engines/gecko/en-us/GeckoSetup312.exe.

Then, copy this installer into the C:Program FilesLunascapeLunascape5extents folder after running the Lunascape 5 installer for the first time. Run it and it will do a silent install of the Gecko 3.12 engine.

And there you go. Now at least you have a dual engine browser for the time being! :)

Update. Ah, I see that since the time of writing this post and pushing it through proofreading, Lunascape’s download servers are finally working properly again, meaning that the installer should again install everything like it was intended to do in the first place.

Oh well, at least now you know where to look if you are seeking the Lunascape version of the Gecko rendering engine. Just don’t ask me about WebKit though – Couldn’t find that one just yet! :P

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