Gym StretchAh ha, tried a new strategy this morning: I went to gym BEFORE leaving for work! Shocking I know, but I’ve got to try everything I possibly can to try and get me on those treadmills more often. As I expected, gym was pretty packed with what Iradney has coined ‘Weekend Worriers’ (a delightful but oh so true description if you think about it), but thankfully not that packed that you couldn’t get a decent workout in.

That said, with my knees still a bit wonky after Saturday’s thoroughly enjoyable paintball session, this morning’s session wasn’t exactly a run (or even jog for that matter) in the park, but still, I got some good machine work in and finished up feeling pretty damn good about myself. And with 15 or so minutes until the time I need to leave pounced on top of me, I hit the surprisingly not so icky mens’ showers, cleaned up, tied my shoelaces and exited stage left, hitting a particularly nice and quiet Baden-Powell all the way through to Muizenberg.

Ah, if feels so good to be alive some mornings.

So it’s decided then. Tomorrow morning the staff at Somerset West Virgin Active can expect to see me in all my glory once more…

…as long as my alarm goes off on time that is!