Seeing as my work machine is now a Windows Vista box, I too get constantly harassed by Windows’ nifty, but ever so annoying User Account Control (UAC) pop ups and warnings. Of course, I could just turn the damn thing off, but to be honest, your machine is a heck of a lot better protected when its running than when its not!

So the solution?

TweakUAC is a nifty little application from Winability Software which can simply sit on your desktop and at a click of a button bring up this nifty little menu that allows you to either turn off or on the UAC or better yet, force it to run in quiet mode that leaves it active but without all the annoying notices.


This is a brilliant little solution if you do need to switch the thing on and off on the fly, so give it a spin and let me know what you think. Me, well I’ve just kind of realised that I really don’t need to keep switching it on and off all the time! :)

Anyway, for more information on the application and UAC itself, visit their site at

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