Sexy Christmas BabeHmm, a random entry just because I can. The week so far has been punctuated by those huge fires raging on the mountain behind Gordon’s Bay which have so far badly damaged seven houses and completely gutted two more. A lot of houses and guesthouses were evacuated and now that the fires are a little more under control on our side of the mountain the cleanup operation begins in earnest – I pity Chantelle and her staff who need to clean up all that soot covering GBL!

And the trend of a ‘bad week’ for C’s diet has continued with Tuesday evening’s supper at the Spur – simply because Chantelle had been working so hard that she demanded something other than asparagus/salad-based stuff for a change. And while I valiantly tried to persuade her from this course of action, secretly deep down inside I was pleased with her decision because it meant I got to eat some lekker food without feeling TOO guilty about eating it in front of her for a change! :)

Gym in the morning front is still going strong, with me attending my early morning session each and every day so far this week. Yes, I know that squeezing in a brief 30 minute session can’t exactly be called exercising, but still, it is a lot better than what I had been doing in the evenings – which essentially was nothing! And besides, it turns out that there is nothing better than working up a sweat, hitting the shower and then heading off to work feeling awake, refreshed and ready to tackle another day with a renewed sense of energy! (that did sound sincere, right?)

Oh and now back to this post’s topic line – yes, I’m pleased to announce that Chantelle and I are now officially 99% complete with our Christmas shopping for 2008. The only one left out of our almost complete shopping list is Robert, whose present is proving difficult to track down because C is so full of fiemies when it comes to selecting the right one in the category that we have chosen for him. Hopefully they’ll be able to shovel away all the ash and debris from the fire, with the help of all those hunky firemen stationed around the town of course, so that she’ll make it to the shops in time for Christmas. So hold thumbs Rob! ;)

But jokes aside, it is a huge relief that everything has been bought, everything has been wrapped and everything has been labelled, meaning that in two weeks’ time when the big C finally rolls around the corner, we’ll be ready to face it with little red elf hats at the ready!

Oh, and I’ve finally gotten around to hot glueing the telephone cable underneath the kitchen counter – not fun when you are working upside down and the temperature is so hot that the glue just flows down like water!

And there you have it. This wraps up my nonsensical blog post for the month. Silly season must be upon us! :P