SupermanOMG! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching through the entire Justice League Unlimited series, but man oh man, writer Dwayne McDuffie had to go and wait right until the final episode, the final couple of minutes to serve up the greatest, coolest, most awesomeness of Superman dialogue/scenes ever – one so utterly cool that it will leave anyone with a smidgen of fanboy within them lying curled up and quivering with pleasure after viewing it! (Just ask Chantelle – I immediately woke her up off the couch so that she too could enjoy this bit of animated awesomeness!)

I don’t want to give away too many details in case you have never witnessed the scene before, but if you can, check out episode 39 (Season 3 episode 13). Make sure that you do. Seriously.

I don’t really even like Superman, but after this one specific scene you have no choice but to RESPECT the Man of Steel! :)