RaindropOkay, okay, I’ll admit to it. It was me. Yes, it was indeed I that caused this morning’s rain here in Gordon’s Bay.

For that I sincerely apologise.

I knew I shouldn’t have, really I did. But something kept gnawing at the back of my brain, urging me on. And I gave in to it, yes I did. I shouldn’t have but I did.

On Saturday morning I washed my car.

For the first time in months. With a bucket of water and sponge in hand, I toiled away until the car shined spotlessly (if you avoided looking at the ever increasing rust spots). Oh but I should have known. Never, and I mean NEVER, tempt the spirits of nature.

So now it has rained and my car is once more dirty again. But at least now I know. If those disastrous fires ever come back to the mountain, I WILL be washing my car! This I promise (as long as there is nothing good on TV).