Evita se PeronNot a bad weekend at all then. Friday started out with a pretty good gym session, work, home and then Dean and Zania over for pizza and a movie, the movie being the hilariously funny What Happens in Vegas. The pizza was good (Debonairs Club, Cheesy Pepperoni and Hawaiian) and the movie was excellent, meaning that by the time we finally kicked D & Z out of the house, everyone left in a thoroughly good mood.

Saturday started off with some hard labour (washing my car) and then this got followed up with a drive through to Canal Walk to meet up with Retha over lunch and get the valuation certificate for Chantelle’s ring. Lunch wasn’t that fabulous (Woolworths remains a stop that I don’t particularly like), but seeing Retha again most certainly was. Chatter, chatter, chatter, bye bye, valuation certificate. (Oh and bridal magazine browsing for the lady of course).

From there it was straight through to the Spintelligent offices in Westlake Business Park, Tokai, where Chantelle and I met up with the rest of the Touchwork and Spintelligent crew who were patiently waiting for the busses to leave on the big year end function trip to Darling of all places.

Darling you ask?

Yup, Darling indeed. And as everyone knows, there is only ONE reason to ever visit the quaint little town of Darling – and that is to see South Africa’s premier white Afrikaaner woman in action, Evita Bezuidenhout of course! The evening’s raucous entertainment went off without a hitch and we got back to good old Gordon’s Bay at 02:00 on Sunday morning. Nice – if we both still felt like youngsters! :P

Shame, Chantelle could only grab a couple of hours of sleep before she needed to get up again and bugger off to work (where she learnt that poor old boss Louise managed to break her arm on Saturday), but as for me, I got to laze about the house all day, putting in a fair bit of shopping, gaming, anime watching and blog post writing – all in no particular order of course! Sunday evening and I was joined by Chantelle, Monty and Cheryl for a quick bite to eat followed by some coffee and then it was home time for all, some Commerce I.T. work for me and then straight to bed for some much needed beddy-byes.

After all, today is the start of a brand new week (and one week closer to Christmas at that!)