BT Games LogoAlright, so I’m one of those pesky ‘collectors’ that always seems to collect everything under the sun and never seems to throw things out. I’m not a hoarder mind you, but I do like collecting things – and getting me to part with these collections is always far harder than what you would imagine! :)

Which is why I duly surprised myself yesterday when out of the blue, on my own, I decided to take a few of my unwanted, older PS2 titles into BT Games in return for some much needed store credit – seeing as the game buying bug is itching so badly once more!

So up I scooped some of the titles that Liz had donated to me (after her machine had been swiped) and one or two of my own and off I marched to the new BT Games branch at Somerset mall where I plonked my five titles down on the front desk and started begging for some money. Needless to say, I should have looked a little more scruffy had I intended on squeezing any coins out of that lot.

A couple of barcode scans to start off with, a little scribbling on paper to finish things off and I was soon standing with about R250 worth of credit, with the majority of titles pulling between R40 and R50 (FIFA 06, Torino 06, Tourist Trophy and Formula One 06) and the last one, MotoGP4 pulling in R75.

Of course, this sudden decision to cash in on some of my unwanted titles didn’t exactly come around without a little nudge from the outside, and at the same time as the cashier was ringing up my trade-ins, I had already scooped up God Hand and GTA: Liberty City Stories from the second hand bin (both of which I had spotted a couple of days back when I was in the process of picking up Red Dead Revolver for myself), the two of them setting me back a small figure of R285 which wasn’t a bad deal at all in my opinion. (Though I am a little miffed that on returning home I found that the GTA didn’t have its manual included – which sucks because I KNOW BT Games only buys second hand titles if the whole package is complete! Oh well, not a train smash I guess.)

So yeah, it only cost me about R50, I’ve pruned my PS2 collection a bit and now I’m sitting with two awesome games waiting for me to play them sooner than later – not bad going if you consider my short little two week holiday is coming up fast! :)

But don’t think it ends there. Oh no, there are still a couple of atrocious titles I need to weed out of my shelf, shockers like The Sims 2 and Superman Returns (it was a bundle purchase I tell you!), perfect because I’ve already spotted the next two titles I want to scoop out of that oh so inviting second hand bin: Gungrave: Overdose and Van Helsing!

Hmm, I smell the start of a trend happening, that I do – that or at least someone around this house desperately needs a change of socks!