Sweaty WorkoutWhat a disaster I tell you! So my current routine is to wake up just before 06:00, jump into my gym clothes, have a nice quick workout, get showered and changed at the gym, and then hit the road for work.

Except yesterday the plan was changed ever so slightly in that Chantelle wanted me to join her in the gym following work as well, something I duly agreed to and then promptly fell asleep.

So the morning’s workout went well, work was great and at 18:00 I was back in the gym for my evening workout with my babes – except that I had completely forgotten to pack in an extra t-shirt for this new session! Oh oh. So I pulled out my shirt from this morning’s workout, nearly fainted as I realised that the ungodly stench that all of a sudden had filled the changeroom was indeed emanating from it, and pulled the honking, half soggy with sweat shift over my unfortunate back, almost keeling over when my arms left my sides for the first time!

Careful not to gag or faint, I made my way up the stairs and to the gym floor, scanned for bokkie, did some weights (literally a couple of bench presses and some peck deck) and then did one last check for my bokkie who was still missing in action (but that I hoped was at least sitting in some corner somewhere twiddling her toes or something) and then scurried as quickly as I could back to my car, my entire gym visit lasting no longer than 15 minutes I would say!

Somehow I survived the trip home, ripped the offending, godforsaken shirt off my back and tossed it into the wash basket, only to recoil in horror as it turned a funny shade of yellow and then seemingly melted into the ground.

Yup, note to self. Pack more than one gym t-shirt in next time!