Win a Wedding with Kurt General Nonsense | My Life 18 DEC 2008

Man, Chantelle has been bugging me for ages to write her an entry for the You/Huisgenoot competition that would see the eventual winning entry walk off with an organised wedding featuring none other than Kurt Darren performing at the ceremony. Needless to say, winning this competition is not exactly high on my scorecard, but I guess anything to make my bokkie happy. So here’s the entry I whipped up with two days until the closing date to spare:

Craig and Chantelle

So how did we meet? Well I could lie and tell you it was one of those serendipity moments where the universe just made sense, our souls fused and our hearts became one, but instead I’ll settle for the truth and say we simply met via Chantelle trawling the ‘matches’ function on a local online dating site and leaving a wink for me to reply on. My talent for silliness in all things that I do sprouted forth in my opening message to her and it wasn’t more than a couple of online mails before we set up a meet and joined up for some coffee at the local Mugg & Bean. For me, it was the most indescribable feeling. Here was a girl that I just literally… clicked with, right from the get go. I could talk to her about anything, I could make her laugh, I could be myself – and all this within a few minutes of meeting her! We stayed at that Mugg & Bean until they finally switched off the lights, the final hint in getting us to leave, and off we twaddled to my flat where the conversation continued anew.

And would you believe it – it turned out that she was living literally across the road from me! Talk about a small universe! From there it just snowballed and we fell deeper and deeper in love. We played the courtship game for about a year and a half and then on the 6th of December, this year, I finally put her out of her misery and went down on bended knee, asking her if she would bestow upon me the greatest honour of all – that she would be my wife.

And that is that. Everyday we continue to grow closer to one another, evolve with one another and strengthen our ties to one another, and sooner than later, the papers will be signed and we will grow old with one another.

So why should we be the ones to win this fantastic prize if my tale sounds so familiar as all the hundreds of others that you have received? Well, the whole point of this is that this is MY story and winning it would be my way of giving one of the greatest gifts that I possibly could to my most beautiful fiance, Chantelle. I love you my angel, yesterday, today and forever! :)

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