SunburnYou think you’d be smarter as you get older, have a little more common sense, wouldn’t you? Well following my already slightly ridiculous sunburn post here, I am today ashamedly announcing that it gets even worse. Somehow, over the course of our little weekend away at Witsand, three ADULTS manage to screw up so badly that the end result has us looking more colourful than a Mexican burrito scattered across a leopard print tablecloth.

So let’s go over the individual reasonings shall we? First off, Craig thinks that there is absolutely no way that he can burn again seeing as he has already been burnt this season. Secondly, Chantelle thinks that there is no way that she can get burnt if we are out so early in the morning (9am) and the clouds are still hanging above. Lastly, Terrance thinks that there is no way that he can burn if he doesn’t spend to much time in the sun and besides, Craig and Chantelle aren’t worrying with sunblock, so why should he then bother?

(Dean and Zania on the other hand represent perfectly logical adults by the way – needless to say, they will probably end up better parents than us one day.)

So there you have the five of us, enjoying a brilliant morning beach session, frolicking in the waves, running on the sand and ending it off with a great big ice cream from the nearby cafe.

Now fast forward a couple of hours and all of a sudden Terrance, Chantelle and Craig turn a brighter shade of pink than what any lobster could ever hope to achieve and pretty soon we are all a wobbly mess of oww’s and ooh’s as Terrance and Chantelle’s legs and feet begin to swell (looking like little hippotomi feet), Chantelle’s skin begins to blister and Craig starts singing to MC Hammer’s tune “Can’t touch me”.

So yes, there really isn’t a cure for being just plain stupid, you just have to suffer through it. All three of us lesser mortals spent the last half of our weekend in absolute agony and whining and cringing like big babies – and unfortunately I can’t help but think that we thoroughly deserved it for being such block heads in the first place!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gingerly need to get back to work. Ouch.