Champagne GlassesMerry Christmas 2008 to you all! Here’s wishing each and everyone a most joyous of family celebrations – have a good one! (Drinks not on me though).

So day 1 of my leave yesterday was spent with an inordinate amount of time in front of the telly (thankfully the weather wasn’t all that great outside – meaning I had a good excuse for it!), playing lots of God Hand (an infuriatingly fun game) and finishing up watching Code Geass R2, watching the last two thirds of the series all in one go! It’s been a while since an anime title has intrigued me thus and I most certainly thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of it (even if the innumerable twists and turns were becoming slightly ridiculous towards the end)!

As always, Chantelle was working a longer than normal length shift, but at least she took a quick break to come and prepare the food for today’s family lunch at my mom’s place, and secret in some KFC for an early supper, so it was all good. In any event, when she finally finished up shift and arrived back home at about 21:15, I’d already cleared the dining room table, piled up the presents on it, placed a bowl of chocolates in the center and had the champagne glasses at the ready.

I’m pleased to announce that she seems to have thoroughly enjoyed receiving a Mamma Mia DVD (which she’s been bugging me about for ages!) and her very own copy of Balderdash – so beware circle of friends: there’s going to be a lot more games evenings out here in Gordon’s Bay now! :)

I on the other hand was thrilled to receive this brilliant satin-rubber (it really is the only way to describe it) protective cover (complete with carry strap and carry pouch) for my iPod Nano and I can’t wait for the other half of my gift from Chantelle (and the rest of the Montgomery AND Lotter clans – it’s a big one I tell you!)

I was also most surprised and overjoyed at receiving a mystery gift from some or other blokes named Craig, Coco and Olympus – my very own copy of Katsuhiro Otomo’s brilliant 2004 Steamboy! ;)

So thanks for our first little mini Christmas eve together babes – it was small, it was intimate and it was thoroughly delectable. And who knows, next year we might even have a Christmas tree up on display for a change! :)