Panarottis LogoOopsie, Chantelle and I nearly made right poephols of ourselves on Monday night. Chantelle arrived home pretty late from a hard, physical day’s worth of labour and we decided to treat ourselves to some Panarottis for a late night supper.

Now Chantelle and I haven’t been to Panarottis even once since we’ve been going out, and seeing as she has only ever been there once in her whole life before, we were set to absolutely enjoy the experience. Even better, on entry to our local branch here at Somerset Mall, we both noticed and were astounded by their boldy advertised Tuesday night special where all pizzas cost an amazing R36 (or something like that).

So seated in a comfortable spot, we made merry, had absolutely fabulous pizzas (which neither of us could finish by the way) and then called for the bill. As the waiter left the table, Chantelle and I began scratching our heads and getting all worked up because the bill clearly wasn’t taking the special into consideration! How could they, the bastards?!

And just as we were about to call the waiter and kick up a big fuss about it, something clicked in my head and I innocently asked Chantelle, “today is Tuesday right?”

Man, got to love how one loses track of time when on leave! :)