Karl PatriciaYou know, I was saying to Chantelle that there is at least one other good thing of living way out here in Gordon’s Bay: the fact that we can kind of pull all our friends (that we see far too little these days) off the road on their way to and from holiday seeing as they kind of have to pass us by if they’re taking the N2 for their trip.

Now this technique in the past has trapped quite a few passersby, friends and family alike, and I’m happy to report that it has worked equally well over this festive season once more. We’ve already entrapped Karl-Heinz and Patricia on their way back from a little Hermanus festive breakaway, enjoying a delicious home-made (or should that be guesthouse-made) lasagne for supper that Chantelle prepared for us at work, seeing as we once again needed to visit out there thanks to the bosses cavorting around as per usual! :P

Now capturing them all the way up to well past 22:00 in the evening is quite a feat in itself, but I am even more impressed by the fact that in the same week we even managed to entrap the far more elusive Wayne and Candice lesser spotted pairing, not once, but twice in a mere matter of days!

They too had been frolicking around in Hermanus and while on their first stopover they only encountered myself thanks to Chantelle’s burst waterpipe at work dilemma, the second time around they had the pleasure of the full C & C company as we once again made merry at the guesthouse and drank all their bar stock.

Ah, so who is next I wonder…

Update: shame, we just heard that Wayne’s car got stolen last night – just a couple of hours after we were talking about that exact same topic! :(

Good luck guys, hope the police find it sooner than later!