Sania MirzaSo following up on all the visits by Wayne, Candice, Karl-Heinz and Patricia, next up on the list was Terrance and Ryan who showed up at my door yesterday morning, fully equipped and ready for some court action.

The morning actually sped by pretty quickly, with the usual game/movie/tv related banter and it wasn’t too long before we decided on an impromptu shopping trip, a) because I needed to pick up light bulbs that weren’t available from my local Pick ‘n Pay and b) because Terrance was quite keen on scoping out the new Somerset West branch of our beloved BT Games franchise.

So off we drove with Ryan complaining bitterly about the traffic and the fact that our open windows were effecting his petrol consumption and without too many incidents we reached our target successfully. Terrance was suitably impressed with BT Games, I got my light bulbs and KFC served as lunch – a pity because we had just sat down and started eating our food when an SMS came in from Chantelle, letting me know that she was preparing the leftover New Year’s pita breads for lunch for the three of us. Oh well, the KFC was pretty damn good in its defence.

Back home it was time for the big guns to come out and off we trotted to discover an already occupied tennis court, meaning that first things first, a refreshing dip in the pool was in order. However, having enough of that (I could see the gleam in Ryan’s eye as he was approaching me, undoubtedly eager to wrestle me… again) and I quickly shooed the people biting into our booking time off the court and on we stepped…

…where Mr. Brown promptly smashed the ball over the back fence, narrowly missing a taxi and ending up on the island in the middle of a fairly busy Faure Marine Drive. Needless to say, we should have known that this first strike was pretty much a good indication as to how the rest of our ‘tennis’ session was going to go.

So as you may have guessed, the players on the ATP tour have nothing to fear from the three of us – heck, even the ball boys would do a better job than us! Most of the session was spent picking up balls, hitting it into the net, picking up balls, hitting it so wide that seagulls needed to beware, picking up balls, missing the shot completely – sigh, we’re going to need a lot more practice I’m afraid! What happened to youthful energy and ability I ask you!?! :)

Eventually we gave way to another group waiting on the court and went home to drown our sorrows in Pita bread, Tab and a fun, little bit naughty and ever so ridiculous anime show called Kamen no Maid Guy, a show that one needs to see for themselves before anyone tries to explain it to them!

Also on the cards for the day was a little bit of PS2 show-and-tell as I hauled out my latest batch of titles like Red Dead Revolver, Rogue Trooper and God Hand to show-off to the other two. Needless to say these new next-gen console gamers probably could have seen better!

Seeing as Chantelle and I had plans for the evening, Terrance’s opportunity for a Sin City viewing were unfortunately dashed, so I can only hope that the tennis session kind of made up for it! So out I shooed them, set up Ryan’s TomTom to play John Cleese’s voice and waved goodbye, another successful visit to our C&C Nagua Bay stronghold!

(Oh, and then there were the unexplained pink panties incident. And seeing as the details surrounding their origins remain a mystery, I think I’ll leave it unexplained then.)