GordonsBeachLodgeHaving just seen the classic ‘Dinner for One’ TV snippet (thanks to the DVD we bought Monty for Christmas), I can’t help but wonder if for the next couple of foreseeable years our New Year’s celebrations won’t be run in exactly the same fashion as the last year’s festivities. Once again we found ourselves at the guesthouse for New Year’s and once again it was a delightful mixture of guests, friends of Whammy and Louise, booze and a delicious Greek-inspired spread, consisting of a host of spreads and fillings for the Pita breads so lovingly prepared and set out by Chantelle and Co. (Oh, and the lamb, the sweet succulent lamb lest I forget!)

This year’s celebrations were a lot less subdued than the last year’s thanks to the fact that Albert and Andrea are still of on their delayed honeymoon in the States, meaning that the number of attendees had also pretty much halved! The weather wasn’t great to be honest, a pretty chill wind was whipping about, but thankfully the sheltered little bar area combined with Whammy’s fantastic guitar skills (living next door to Alice!) made the perfect warm little nest as we sat about, sung and made merry.

Midnight eventually came sooner than later and although the fireworks were a lot more subdued than last year (perhaps because of the very strong winds that were gusting about and making life hard for some of the already launched flares), they were still a pretty sight and with a glass of champagne in the hand, 2009 was counted down, rung in, and sealed off with a kiss to my bokkie.

All in all, not too bad a way to start the new year! :)