CorelDrawX3If you are using CorelDraw X3 and find that every time you click on the color palette to change the selected color the applications just hangs or crashes completely, chances are pretty good that you are suffering from a corrupted color palette.

The simplest way to fix this problem is to do an F8 restart of CorelDraw. Close down the application, hold down the F8 key and keep it pressed down while you restart CorelDraw. As it starts up, you should get a dialog offering you the opportunity to reset CorelDraw to its factory defaults. Select yes and your corrupted palette should now be a thing of history.

(Oh, and if you notice that all of a sudden I’m using Americanized spelling in my blog entries, don’t worry, it isn’t your eyes that are deceiving you. Simply put, in order to maximize my search engine hits on the more generic posts like this one, going that route makes far more sense than sticking with my old patriotic South African English spelling.)