DSTVWell, Chantelle is now officially purring like a well stroked pussycat. At last, I have finally given in to her constant ‘nagging’ about the fact that for the last couple of months we’ve only had access to SABC 2 at home, thereby depriving her of her major source of relaxation and leaving her forced to do all sorts of terrible things like cut my hair, put on the washing or do the dishes.

So, agreeing to go halvies with her on the installation and monthly cost, number 45 Nagua Bay is now the proud owner of a not that shiny (fiberglass doesn’t really polish that well) but brand spanking new DSTV satellite dish and decoder.

Strangely enough, getting a dish installed here along the coast seems far more expensive than say having it done in Bellville, and after a fair bit of phoning about our area for installation service providers, I finally settled on Antenna Doctor who quoted me R1800, pretty much the same price that everyone else was giving to me at the time.

I must admit however that had we known the so many hassles they were going to give us with trying to schedule an actual installation time, I would have looked elsewhere. First off, they couldn’t seem to make up their minds as to whether or not we had booked an installation date for a Monday or a Tuesday. Then after finally solving that one out, they made Chantelle wait a full hour at home before finally rocking up, only to inform her that they couldn’t finish the installation today because, oh, they had run out of decoders and would only be able to provide us with one the following day. Ah, and because they were late, they had to rush finish the satellite installation part, meaning that the wiring in my house looks a bit on the crappy side.

The next day they rocked up at the flat without informing Chantelle and she once again had to rush off to let them in (at least she didn’t have to wait this time!) and they finished up installing the decoder and hooking us up with Multichoice. Then came the shocker. I had once again fallen for the old “we don’t add VAT in our quotes over the telephone” scam, meaning that the final bill came to R2200, a good R400 more than what I was originally quoted! (You would think that I’ve learned my lesson by now, wouldn’t you?)

However, all that said, I do grudgingly have to admit that they did a good job on setting the thing up. The image is crystal clear and Chantelle is as happy as a pig in the mud, meaning that I am now being subjected to an inordinate amount of Style Network and BBC Style viewings, more than any man should ever be tortured with.

(And nuts, because of the limited amount of inputs I can handle, Mr. PlayStation is now packed in the cupboard, only getting plugged in when I actually want to use him. Not sure what the Supernanny would have to say about that…)