Weight Off My Shoulders My Life | Sport & Health 08 JAN 2009

Bench PressHow embarrassing, the shame,oh the shame…

So seeing as I am now officially back at the gym, both in the mornings before work and then again in the evenings on the way home, I am slowly but surely getting quite into the swing of things, doing both weight and cardiovascular work in an effort to kick start my weight loss and regain some of the muscle tone that I used to own… what seems an eternity ago, I know! ;)

Anyway, so last night I was happily puffing away at the free weights inclined bench press when towards the end of my weights session, I selected a weight that was obviously just that tad out of my reach at the moment. Now I don’t currently have a training partner meaning that I don’t have anyone to spot me, which is usually okay because I never push myself to a point where I’m completely helpless…

…apart from last night that is. So straddled along the inclined bench and only managing five reps of this last weight, I carefully maneuvered the weights above my head to replace them on the bars, when I gracefully managed to miss inserting the one end, resulting on the bar coming down across my chest and with me helplessly pinned underneath it thanks to the complete fatigue in my now rather tired arms.

Thankfully a youngster working on the peck deck in front of me saw my dilemma and came to the rescue, to which I humbly muttered my thanks, packed the weights away and went for a jog… on the complete other side of the building!

Shameful, but oh so funny, I know! :)

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