Wedding PhotoWhat can I say, we’re an organised bunch. And since we’re the kind of people who booked their wedding venue even before they were engaged, it stands to reason that we have now also booked our photographer and videographer for the event.

Admittedly, I’m rather shocked at just how expensive wedding video and photographers really are, and after a fairly short search (which, like everything else, the very capable Chantelle handled), I’ve resigned myself to the old adage of you get what you pay for – meaning that in the end we’ve opted for the slightly higher midrange product than the old el cheapo cousin with a camera route.

Somerset West-based Gilliam Olwage Photo & Video offers a rather nice package in that for R11500 you get both the videographer and photographer service, made all that much better by the fact that the two chores are handled by the husband and wife team of Gilliam and Irma, both of who have been in the industry for well over 10 years already!

They work with the latest digital equipment (with the same level of backup equipment) and their package includes essentially an unlimited number of photographs, of which the proofs of given to you on a CD, 200 printed photographs, an edited DVD package and a hand-made wood & leather wedding album – with a twist. The so-called storybook album is a brilliant concept in that it moves away from your standard photo album and instead becomes a beautifully printed book, featuring a fully designed (which you can assist in, should you wish to) and printed interior that captures your particular wedding as a completely unique experience. The pages are specially printed and treated, and are virtually immune to water, ink, stains and even sun damage, making it the perfect coffee table ‘brag book’ – which of course means that Chantelle is already completely sold on it! ;)

Now Gilliam and Irma handled the photographic and video chores at Andy’s wedding which was a particularly tough assignment as the wedding itself took place in the rather dark H.B. Thom theater, not exactly your standard wedding location! Despite the environmental challenges Gilliam and Irma managed to capture a fantastic set of photos and video footage and I remember how Chantelle and I were thoroughly impressed with them as they moved through the crowd at the reception, always unobtrusive but more importantly, always making the capture.

So on Tuesday this week, after a quick review of Albert and Andy’s wedding DVD just to refresh my memory, we drove off to meet Gilliam at his studio and on meeting the chap, I can say I was thoroughly impressed. Friendly, open and very down to earth, eager to answer our questions and by the end of the almost hour long meeting I can say that Chantelle and I walked away very impressed with both the man and his work, so much so that the next day we filled out the agreement form and paid our deposit.

So yet one more thing on the ever expanding list to cross out… Sjoe, still a long way to go! :)