Of Work and Play My Life 13 JAN 2009

TouchworkWhew, I’m deadbeat at the moment. Too many late nights, too many early mornings. Well, I’m now well into the new year of work here at Touchwork and so far so good – I haven’t been fired. :)

There’s a lot of problems surrounding legacy applications to deal with, but on top of that, some exciting projects to lead the way on, so I am pretty stoked about the situation at the moment. And commuting in so far hasn’t presented too much hassles – it turns out that Baden Powell is quite the enjoyable little trip to and from the office (though at some point I’ll have to start negotiating with the boss about the working from home gig which we discussed in the initial application interview).

My only real hassle on the work front at the moment is my regret at having accepted Kyle’s request to continue looking after my Commerce I.T. web workload in the interim of them finding a replacement webmaster. So far there has been no further word on that front, and all though the work has been minimal, it HAS been there. Honestly, there is nothing worse than coming home from a long day’s work out in Tokai, going straight to the study and beginning a new set of work all over again. *sigh*

(well, at least my fianc

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